239: Building a patient base

I’ve set up a new practice and only see a few patients per week. How can I build may patient base and improve the finances of the business in these early days? The early days and...

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238: Do blue-blocking lenses work?

One of my patients asked me for my opinion on whether ‘blue-blocking’ lenses will help reduce the eye ache he experiences when working on his computer screen and smart phone....

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236: Older patient recall period

I know that the refractive error in children can change over short periods of time so an eye examination every 6 to 12 months can help detect these changes and I know that for...

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235: Three-second lens choice

How long should I give patients when it comes to choosing which view is best when choosing between different spherical and cylindrical lenses and between different axes when I’m...

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234: My eyes burn

Some years ago, I visited a friend of mine who was working as an optometrist in a community private practice in the Caribbean. Although I didn’t examine any patients as I wasn’t...

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231: Working in a short room.

I work in an examination room that is 3 m long. My visual acuity chart has been calibrated for 3 m so I know my visual acuity values are correct. One of the other eye specialists...

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