408: Cataract scale

I work in a community eye care practice and examine a lot of older people. Many of them have a cataract that does not require surgery as it does not affect their daily life. When...

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407: Phones down

I opened a community eye care practice two years ago and things have been going well. The practice is prosperous but I would like it to be more prosperous as I would like to open...

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406: Mistakes in another practice

Sometimes some of my patients take their prescription from my community eye care practice to a competitor for making up into glasses. Rarely they come back to me saying they...

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405: Use photos to bring people back

My community eyecare practice has been open for about 2 years and things are going well. I have noticed though that some of the patients I examined when the practice opened have...

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404: Starting point

As a community eye care specialist, I sometimes examine people who are too unwell to come to my practice. I examine them in their own homes with portable equipment. Some people...

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403: Say no to ready readers

In my community eye care practice I see a lot of new patients. Many of them are using ready readers. Most use them for reading and some use one strength for distance vision and a...

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402: Second pairs

I work in community eye care. One of my recent patients did need a prescription change for her single-vision reading glasses. She had one pair only. I suggested that she could...

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401: Planting the seed

I own a community eye care practice. I want to make sure my practice is prosperous. I want to make sure that all the visual needs of my patients are met but I don’t want to...

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400: Don’t be a slave

I work as an eye care specialist in community practice. There is another member of staff whose views on pretty much everything differs from mine. It upsets me to be in the same...

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399: The space between

Sometimes in practice, I have to deal with angry patients who shout at me. The cause is usually the cost of new glasses or vision with new glasses is not being as good as...

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